Guest’s luxurious choice
We are confident in serving delicious food.
You can have trust about guest’s Luxurious menu
and relaxing time based on “mood of the day”
because we have the trust
from the customers who have visited us.

We have seasonal dishes to enjoy and it varies from season to season.
For example, Oden on a cold day.
Hamo on hot days.
We respond to request such as "I want to eat that."

Restaurant course starts with appetizer

There are three types of seasonal appetizers.
The guest will be impressed by the appetizers from “Ore no sumi”.
The food is served on luxurious small bowls like jewels on jewelry boxes.

Sashimi (sliced raw fish)
If you want to taste it now, we can serve fresh seafood to your tongue.
Drop one or two drops of special soy sauce and enjoy.

Fried fishcake.
It is fried with only really delicious ingredients that match the season.
Please enjoy the excitement that changes each time you visit.

Grilled vegetables
Please enjoy the vegetables that carefully selected one by one over charcoal grill.
Bring out the taste by adding charcoal salt.

When the guests finished eating, they will be very satisfied

Himono (dried fish)
If you come to Ore No Sumi, we recommend you to try this special dish.
We will serve the most delicious dried fish in the best baking condition.

Tempura (deep-fried fish and vegetables)
"Tempura" is an exquisite dish.
Deep-fried to a more appetizing golden brown color.

Finish off the evening with rice.
The type of rice selected by Rice Meister is very plump and moist, and its soft but the heavy texture makes it especially delicious.

Seasoned rice with Foie Gras.
Foie Gras rice is also one of the popular menu.
The change of the course could continuously unfold, but you can always end the dinner with luxurious Foie Gras.