“Ore No Sumi “ is the best and chef’s proudest signature menu is hot freshly cooked rice.

The type of rice selected by Rice Meister is special and perfect.
They cooked it carefully using an earthenware pot.
If you chew the rice when it is hot, the savory taste will spread inside your mouth.

People can taste the selected ingredients from all over Japan in Azabu.

The most recommended menu is called Tamagokakegohan.
It is a bowl of rice with thick raw egg yolk mixed together with delicious truffles.
The” Dream set”, menu which include side dishes and rice or alcohol, makes the menu attractive.

All food listed in the menu are special menu to enjoy in a relaxing space.

The chef make the most of the flavor of various ingredients, depends on the season, after being fried, it has amazing texture that soft inside and crispy outside.
Please enjoy the ingredients and taste that change depending on the season.

Guest’s luxurious choice

Ore no sumi

Motoazabu is quiet area compare to the crowdy Roppongi area.
Spend your time resting at a hideaway-like restaurant.

We provide a special taste.

In pursuit of best recipe, the owner of the restaurant has committed to go around Japan and eat the special food.
The fusion of tradition and innovation creates a new world.


Taste and time that is memorable

You can sense the deliciousness of the food from the ingredients


You can choose what you want to eat.
A dish will be born from a conversation with the chef.
The story goes around by the conversation about food and ingredients.

The style of “kappo” means menu-less.

“Ore no sumi” does not have a menu.
Tell the chef how you feel about your food today.
Approximately 6,000 yen for 8 dishes.
If you order 8 items, you can get all you can drink for 2,000 yen, which is about 8,000 yen.